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ÅGOT has 20 years of rich experience in talent training, spanning three fields: enterprise, government and campus. The contents and the teaching methods of the courses are provided according to the demands from business persons, public servants, and college students.

Take Telephone Etiquette as an example:

Customer Support Representative 2


The courses could be adapted according to different SOP demands in your enterprise. The courses could also be adjusted for business sectors and help to find the errors or delays in the existing SOP.


The courses are designed according to the principle of telephone etiquette from the corresponding research, development and evaluation office. These courses also aim at competing for “Government Service Quality Award”.


The courses teach youngsters about telephone etiquette and put emphasis on the interaction capabilities on the phone. In addition, these courses also provide the etiquette training for internet messaging software like Line and Facebook.

Develop & Modify SOP

Elementary SOP

Tailor the workflow according to your practical use

If you have an existing SOP or the SOP that has not been maintained in your enterprise for years, you would definitely need the assistance from Ågot to tailor the procedures and steps for your employees. They will find this tailored SOP operable and easy to follow.

Intermediate SOP

Meet the demands of your new business to adapt to new market conditions

If you do not have an SOP in a business sector, ÅGOT could help to build an SOP to meet the demands of your new business and adapt to new market services.

Advanced SOP

Prepare for a product launch and a new business sector in your enterprise

You will require a comprehensive SOP in your company including the dress code for the employees, the formulation of service procedures, the standard communication skills, and the procedures to handle customer complaints. To be specific, the standard communication skills and the procedures to handle customer complaints are divided into two parts: the services on site and those on the phone.

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